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Use your iPad to organize your movies and personal videos

MediaPlay lets you tag scenes and events within your video, making it much easier and faster to find the special scene you are looking for

Converting videos

You can convert your videos into iPad compatible videos using many different techniques. One of the techniques uses a software called "Handbrake". Although we do not have any affiliation with Handbrake, we have found that it works for us. You may follow the following steps to convert your video:

  1. Download the Handbrake software based on your computer operating system. (Windows, MacOS or Linux) Handbrake downloads
  2. Install Handbrake on your computer.
  3. Run the Program.
  4. Identify the files to be converted.
  5. Use the iPad preset as default.
  6. Press Start and let Handbrake convert the file to an iPad compatible format.

Handbrake provides detailed help based on your computer’s operating system.